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PLA's New Wax Supply: Nue Wax

Here at PLA, we know that more and more people want to make sure that the products they use on the skin are made with the best ingredients and are the highest quality. By manufacturing in the United Kingdom (UK), we ensured our waxing tools and supplies are top-notch, all while keeping your client's skincare in mind.

Hard Wax Vs. Soft Wax

Hard wax usually comes in bags of beads, and ours come in 1 lb. bags. They can be removed without the use of wax strips and can be used anywhere on the body, since hard wax is designed to be gentler on the skin. It adheres to the hairs, not the skin, so you can go back over the same area multiple times.

Soft wax, on the other hand, must be removed using a strip and stays sticky. It has a thinner consistency than wax and comes in a can. While you can use it all over the body, it's not recommended for intimate areas, since it grabs finer hairs than hard wax and adheres to the skin. The maximum use you can get out of a wax strip with soft wax is twice.


Get everything you need to offer your clients an excellent wax service. From the wax itself to warmers, tools and waxing aftercare products, we're so excited to launch our Nue Wax Line to the world! Stay tuned as we release more wax products in the coming months.

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