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Our PLA Supreme Bonder has been developed to truly provide an elasticity, unlike anything we’ve seen before. The bonder cures from the outside to the inside of the bond, rapidly curing the extension to the natural lash, without the effects of blooming (extensions turning white from shock curing). Our superbonder is perfect for a lash artist using any PLA adhesive.

Fast Facts:

  • 15 ml bottle
  • Do not use on client's skin.
  • Made and packaged for Paris Lash Academy in the UK
  • Must be used at room temperature.


  • Before use, make sure bonder is used at room temperature. Bonder will be viscous when cold and must be warmed to room temperature and mixed prior to use.
  • After the lash extension has been applied, you need to wait 2-3 minutes, and then take a micro brush and apply a very small amount of bonder, only at the joint. Do NOT soak the lashes.
  • And most important step: let the bonder set! Don’t rush to use a fan or nano mister immediately after applying.
  • To simplify it: after you apply the last lashes, wait 2 mins for the extension to dry, then apply a small amount of bonder using a micro brush( do not have the micro brush soaking wet). After thoroughly brushing the bonder through the base of the extension, wait 2 more mins for the bonder to work ( do not use a fan or nano mister right away).

Do not use in any other capacity.
Liquid products, including adhesive, primers, bonders, and cream based products cannot be returned.

    Do you need a nano mister?

    • If you use a bonder you DO NOT need a nano mister.
    • If you use nano mister out of habit, use it AFTER the bonder, and make sure the bonder is fully dry and activated.
    • NEVER put Supreme Bonder in your nano mister.

    Can I use it wrong?

    • YES!
    • If you use too much Supreme Bonder you may weaken the bond. Or if you have super high humidity (over 75%), your adhesive will cure quickly without a bonder, so applying Supreme Bonder would be similar to using too much product.

    Supreme Bonder

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • For MSDS see Supreme Bonder

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