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The Skin Renewal System is a daily regimen composed of four essential products. Each step enhances the next, making this simple skin care routine the best choice you can make for healthy, beautiful skin every day.

System Includes:

Cleansing Wash - Cleanse your skin with this gentle, purifying soap-free wash. Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed, never dry.

Fruit Acid Exfoliant - Exfoliate dulling skin cells and help smooth skin with this lactic acid toner. Promotes a smooth, even surface for better results from moisturizers.

OPC Reparative Gel - Repair skin's signs of aging and prevent sun damage with this powerful antioxidant serum. Packed with oligomeric proanthocyanidns (OPCs) to optimize skin health.

Gentle Action Application Pads - enhance the efficacy of Fruit Acid Exfoliant

Choose one of three great moisturizers:

Peptide Hydrator

Peptide-infused moisturizer formulated for normal, combination or oil-prone skin.

Enriched Facial Moisturizer

Lanolin-based, deep moisturizer formulated for dry or mature skin.

Gentle Facial Moisturizer

Light moisturizer formulated for sensitive, allergy-prone or reactive skin.

Skin Renewal Travel System - Enriched

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  • Delivers radiant skin by improving skin health

    Defends skin against the environment and signs of aging

    Enhances skin’s natural ability to restore itself

    Combats oxidative damage caused by free radicals

    Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

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