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Get Nue: Part of the PLApro Nue Wax ™ Line


Our Nue Wax ™ Hard Wax Beads melt down to become incredibly pliable and leave the skin sleek and silky. With a bright pink finish, these beads are both simple to use and add a fun pop of color to any spa or salon.


Use this hard wax anywhere on the body, at your own discretion, including the face and intimate areas. Remove to reveal radiantly smooth and completely hairless skin!


Our hard wax adheres to the hair itself, so it is very gentle on the skin. It can be used multiple times on the same area if needed to grab any remaining hairs.


This depilatory hard wax is stripless, meaning it is not removed with wax strips. When melted, the resulting wax is hot pink and has a jelly-like, slightly translucent appearance. This makes it easier to see the hairs underneath the wax! It is also non-scented and contains no irritating fragrances.


For a remarkably luxurious waxing experience, add PLApro’s Hard Wax Beads to your next professional wax service!


Fast Facts:

  • Stripless hard wax beads

  • Can be used anywhere on the body

  • Hot pink translucent color

  • Available in 1 lb. bags (453g)

  • Made in the UK

PLApro Nue Hard Wax

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