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Easily grab your favorite PLA Foam Eyepad in our dispense roll.

The PLA Foam Eyepad was developed and created by the PLA Team lash artists. Our goal was to make a thin and flexible eyepad that would be favored by lash artists across the globe. The PLA Foam Eyepad is thin, nonslip, flexible, hypoallergenic and has no additives. These eyepads are great for clients with sensitive skin.

Available in Regular, Thin, or Extra Thin.

Fast Facts:

105 pairs per pack

210 total eyepads per pack

Made in USA

Gel Free


Latex Free

Thin and Comfortable

Designed and Made in USA

PLAQuickTip: use different colored sharpies to write your mapping on the eyepads!


Pull out an eyepad and peel off.

Spray the eyepads with nano mister gently for 3 seconds before applying the eyepads on your client's skin.

When you are ready to remove the eyepads, you can slightly mist the eyepads with your nano mister again to remove the foam pads easily.

Warning: this product is intended for professional use only.

PLA Foam Eyepad Roll

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