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This product was invented and created by the PLA Team! We are proud to be the first to market this innovative product straight from the creative minds here at PLA. We love being able to bring you uniquely useful items — and we're sure you'll love them too!

Keep your lashes tidy and organized with the new PLA Magnetic Covered Lash Tile!


This lash tile was specially designed down to the last detail! The included cover keeps your lashes safe from any environmental damage or dust and is easily placed or removed. The top of the tile contains strong magnets so you can keep your favorite tweezers close by while working.


On top of all that, these tiles are a cute addition to your workspace — the light pink tile and hot pink edges are sure to add a fun pop of color to any room!


Fast Facts:

  • Dimensions: 152mm x 93mm x 25.4mm

  • Available:

    • Light pink lash tile with hot pink borders
    • Limited Edition Snowflake Lash Tile
  • Magnetic top to hold tweezers

  • Cover included

Magnetic Lash Tile with Cover

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