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Glue Support Booster is a 2 in 1 product, specially designed to prepare the surface of the natural lash by providing optimal conditions for glue adhesion between the extension and natural lash. It also acts as an accelerator by providing the catalyst required for the glue to cure faster.

Fast Facts:

  • PLA primer or accelerator
  • 5 mL bottle
  • 100% vegan

Glue Booster Primer

Glue booster provides the optimal conditions necessary for the lash extension without over-drying or stripping the natural lash of oils.

Glue booster is designed to prepare the natural lash by providing the optimum pH required for the glue to grab without much effort. Glue booster is ideal for clients with oily skin or where glue may not be grabbing the lash.

How to Use as a Primer:

  • Cleanse lashes and thoroughly rinse and dry
  • Apply a small amount of booster onto 2 clean micro brushes-do not oversaturate
  • Apply to all areas where lash will be bonded-careful not to touch the skin
  • Allow drying for 2 minutes before application.
  • Proceed as normal with lash application

Can be used as a Glue Booster Accelerator

For advanced artists only.

In suboptimal humidity conditions adhesive will cause slower cure time and poor adhesion due to the lack of water (OH molecules from water). Applying a small amount of glue booster to the strip will speed the cure time of any adhesive.

Caution: booster may only be applied to regular volume or single lash trays and NOT easy fanning lashes.

How to use as an Accelerator:

  • Wet a micro brush with a small amount of booster
  • Remove as much booster off the brush onto a clean towel
  • Rub the working section (small) of the lash tray. The booster should barely be visible
  • Allow to dry
  • Proceed to make fans and dip in glue

Note: glue will require changing more often due to the presence of booster on the extension.

Check out or Facebook or Instagram for videos on how to properly use Glue Support.

Liquid products, including adhesive, primers, bonders, and cream based products cannot be returned.

Glue Support - Primer / Accelerator

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