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"My skin has never felt cleaner or softer. I wished I had known about this product 20 years ago! " - Cherie


It's time to gift yourself healthy, renewed skin using our deep cleaning Fruit Acid Exfoliant. Precisely formulated to our Clinical Grade Skin Care standards, our Fruit Acid Exfoliant safely exfoliates to reveal your most beautiful skin every day with a less than 5-minute application process.

Part of the Anti-Aging System and Skin Renewal System

Fruit Acid Exfoliant

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  • Step 2 in the Skin Renewal System

    Exfoliate dulling skin cells and help minimize pores for a natural, healthy radiance. Utilizing an alpha hydroxy acid that's naturally produced by the human body, this lactic acid toner aids in producing a smooth skin surface that should promote better results from moisturizers and anti-aging products. 

    • Exfoliates skin and helps minimize pores
    • Works to help reduce uneven skin tone
    • Helps improve the absorption of other skin care products

    Use with Gentle Action Application Pads for best results.

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